Welcome to the 30 Day Trial Challenge | Day 1

It Has Begun!!!

Congratulations to everyone who has decided to join in on this installment of the 30 Day Trial Challenge. I am excited for all of the amazing things that you will be doing over the next 30 days. They may not seem like big deals but any change, when you decide to make it has tremendous value. If you have any questions on hos to make this work drop it in the comments section. I make a point of responding to all comments during the challenge. Also if you haven't announced what you are going to do in the introduction post here or by friending me on Facebook and commenting on the rebrodcast of my posts there get er done.

Today I will just be sharing my Trials with you. Over the next 30 days I will be subscribing to this idea, "You Must Try To Become The Person You Would Like To Spend The Rest Of Your Life With". In order to do that I will working on a group of positive changes everyday. I have this handy dandy spreadsheet that I have created to keep me on track. For those of you who don't know I am a huge nerd, but not in the FPU way. Hopefully you can pull something out of this list that you might want to do as well.

Every day be on the lookout for my posts detailing my activities. For those of you that see me ask me how I am doing. Expect me to ask you the same. Here are the ideas that I have been tackling today.
  1. Set Goals - I have this handy dandy spreadsheet to help set my daily goals. I have also set up my workout goals as well.
  2. Make Contact - I spent time today making significant contact with my wife and children. I cheated a little and started on that one yesterday and into today.
  3. Ask questions - I was quite the challenger (The Symphony folks know about that) today as I got into not one but two heated discussions today. One of those discussions resulted in my raising my voice (yelling) at a couple of individuals. I am not proud of that though and apologized to those who I offended.
  4. Volunteer Time - Tonight and for most of the nights of this challenge I will be working over at our new church's building. As the resident nerd I am working on installing the networking, video and server systems. Hopefully some of my fellow LHC nerds will be joining me in this.
My second trial is to create a healthier lifestyle for myself by eating better and exercising. It is amazing to me that I can coach folks in overcoming obstacles in the business and personal lives and continue to struggle in this area. Well no more. I am joining the gym that is near my job and until I have completed that I will be walking at lunch and working out in the evenings. For this goal I brought both my breakfast and lunch to work, ate them, and went for a walk during the afternoon. I did not succeed in the simple task of going up to brickbodies and joining. Will do tomorrow.

My third trial is one that my wife and I are doing together. We will be totally devoting ourselves to the cash envelope system that we teach in our Financial Peace University classes. We have used it to a certain extent but now we plan to use it for everything again like when we first started. For this goal I stopped myself from going to the grocery store because I did not have cash and didn't have time to run to the bank. We ate a little later but the goal was satisfied.

Tomorrow I will be tackling this ideas:
  1. Own Up
  2. Constrain Yourself
  3. Step Back
What did you do today and what will you be doing tomorrow?

Go Go Go

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