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Nighttime Musings | Philippians 4:7-9

Nighttime Musing Happy New Year to everyone who has stuck around during my beginning of the year hiatus. I thank God that in the pruning that has taken place in my life He is still encouraging me to do this. He has even given me things to work on here. This is one of them. I am a night owl. I have been for a long time. I got it from my mother, who for as long as I remember slept very little. It could also be that I come from a family of farmers. Who knows God made me this way and I like it. So since I am up most nights I also get the privilege of taking care of night time feedings for my children. Now for some having your sleep broken every few hours does not sound like fun, and it isn't, however it has given me a lot of opportunities to listen to God. Now that isn't to saw that I always take those opportunities. I am a nerd and the internet can get distracting at time. Stumble, twitter, digg, blogger have sapped some of these times and my love of Video Games can als