God's Man | The Book of Life // Exploring Key Phrases by Desiring God

When you come across an important word or phrase in your reading, stop to search for other uses of that same word or phrase. Look first within the book you’re reading, then within the same author, then in the rest of the Bible. In this lab, John Piper briefly looks at six different verses to better understand the Book of Life. For study questions visit

God's Man | Joy Is Free, But Not Cheap by Desiring God

Can twenty years of ever-sharpening focus, ten thousand resources, and the heart of Christian Hedonism be summed up in three minutes? With the help of gifted artists, we try in this video. It’s a celebration. It’s a thank you. It’s an explanation. It’s an invitation. I never thought of myself as a great narrator. But I do have great news. I hope you enjoy this overflow of joy from Desiring God. Gifts can be made at Voice: John Piper Written by: David Mathis, Marshall Segal and John Piper Production: Stefan Green Concept & Direction: Jorge R. Canedo Estrada Design: James Graves Animation: Phil Borst, Jorge R. Canedo Estrada & Seth Eckert Music: John Poon

God's Man | Stink First

God's Man | I Am Not Fine...

My bride and I were talking tonight about all the moving parts in our life right now and how we are really not fine.  We actually laughed at that realization.  As one thing piles onto the next it has actually become comical.

One thing we do know is that it is ok not to be fine.  We resolved that issue together years ago because we know that ultimately it is not in our hands anyway.  God has been so very faithful to us that even in our pain we can laugh because our God is bigger than all of it.  We also recognized our own privilege and that our issues are not nearly as large as the loom.

So I am praying for you dear reader.  That you would know the faithfulness of God even in your pain.  That you would seek Him first.
Why are you cast down, O my soul,
    and why are you in turmoil within me?
Hope in God; for I shall again praise him,
    my salvation and my God. - Psalm 42:11
God's Man

Preach To Yourself - Psalm 42

Work. .

Sometimes it just have to get done.  Whether you FEEL like it or not.Life is only lived in One Direction.God's Man

Brothers, We are Not Professionals

This is the opening salvo from one of my favorite books for pastors.
We pastors are being killed by the professionalizing of the pastoral ministry. The mentality of the professional is not the mentality of the prophet. It is not the mentality of the slave of Christ. Professionalism has nothing to do with the essence and heart of the Christian ministry. The more professional we long to be, the more spiritual death we will leave in our wake. For there is no professional childlikeness (Matt. 18: 3); there is no professional tenderheartedness (Eph. 4: 32); there is no professional panting after God (Ps. 42: 1)

Free Friday | Music We Enjoy...

My music collection is quite the eclectic mix. My darling wife teases me because I can just as easily enjoy a night of Celtic worship as a I can a Christian hip hop concert. One of the ways that God touches people is through music. Music, in whatever style or genre, has a way of speaking to us. The only restriction that I put onto my musical choices is that they point is to God in some way and don't disparage our relationship with him.
Here are videos of music that we have been bouncing to here in our household.
Entitlement by Beautiful Eulogy
Excellent by Propaganda
Goodbye by Json
Tell the World by Lacrae