30 Day Trial Day 9 | Peanut Butter Jelly Time...

Welcome to Day 9 - When the foolishness begins

So today I am playing house husband and loving every minute of it. I have no problem when sitter challenges result in a day off from work. When I was younger than I am now I wanted to be a house husband. So while I was watching Zoelle, the one in the glasses in the Taking Pictures post, She started singing Peanut Butter Jelly Time. It was hilarious. Any way I hope that you are progressing on your challenges? Whether you are hitting the mark everyday (not me) or something less than (Me Me Me) the attempt is what is important. You are building habits that will help you attack other issues in your life. I used to drive my wife crazy with this quote,
"How you do anything is how you do anything."
This worked similiarly to the quote she uses all the time,
"Narrow is the way..."
You have to set boundaries and then plan your life within them. I know that we spent all of our growing up years trying to push and even breaking through the boundaries that those around us imposed. It is very counter to our "do whatever" culture. However setting up a framework in your life is what keeps it from being overrun by all the stuff that comes your way. I hope that this challenge is allowing you to see the cracks in the walls and provide you with some ways to patch them up. So here are my items for today.

Plan Parties
This is an easy one. I am planning to have a small get together for everyone who has taken a shot at this 30 Day Trial Challenge. I would like to have it on Saturday August 15th. I will continue planning the details today and will let everyone know once I are done. Trule-Blsd, your help would be great. ;)

Show Affection

This is also another easy one today. When you have two adorable little girls at home there is plenty of affection. Hugs, kisses, laughs and "I love you daddy"'s. I love it. Hopefully this will continue once Mommy comes home. =)

Know Happiness

Knowing God's love, having my family around me, and having a been given a purpose for my days I have so much happiness. I wish there was a way to better articulate it but with them I have the "Now"

Write Something

There once was a guy who couldn't figure out how to meet a goal of writing something. He looked around, up and down, left and right until the time came for him to move onto the next thing. Before he knew it, it was there right in front of him. So these words are for all of you to validate that this man lived and wrote in order to fulfill today's task. The. End.

No exercise yet but planning to go outside with my girls so there will be adventure, and chasing. ;)

No debit card use. Good thing about not having the temptation in front of me.

So where are you?

Go Go Go

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