30 Day Trial Day 11 | Act Natural...

Welcome to Day 11 - Just Smile And Wave Boys

So today was a day of flexibility. I had an expectation of how my time would be spent today but after a shift here and a turn there I didn't get started on my "important task" until way late. Sorry about that last sentence but it is what it is.

So here is my list today

don't slouch
I nailed this one by staying on a ladder for most of the afternoon. I also am sitting up straight as I type this message. Did you know that sitting up straight also helps to strengthen your core. Bonus!

keep healthy
Did I mention about how I am strengthening my core by sitting up straight. I also spent some time laying on a couch which actually burns calories. ;) Seriously though I had a healthy dose of pulling wires and climbing ladders today.

act naturally
Do you act differently depending on who you are around? If you find yourself switching from group to group I would recommend that you change that. I know that we want to fit in with everyone. I know that we don't like to make people uncomfortable. I know that we don't think people want to know the real you but it is better in the long run to remove the mask. I try very hard not to make this shift. I have noticed in the few years since we have moved back to MD, that I switch when I am around my old friends. I lapse back into old habits becuase I don't want to offend others by not being interested in what they are doing. The funny thing is that many of my friends know that I have made some changes so they remind me that this is not who I am now. In some cases they don't even invite me along. So be authentic and be open to what the results of that may be.

read books
This is super easy for me. I am a book hole so I have one either playing in the car or in my hand. I am reading through Think and Grow Rich right now. Hence the last two posts. Great book on how to achieve any outcome. Personal Achievement is possible and repeatable. There are clear cut steps to making it happen.

As for my other two trials I nailed them today. Lots of movement and no purchases today. So how are you doing today?

Go Go Go

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