5 Minute Drill | Create Moments

What Will Be the Impact of the Moments We Create?
Every step you take has impact on the next.  Every word you say carry's tremendous power.  The thoughts we harbor can lead us in one direction or the next. 
What moments are you creating in your life?  How would those around you answer that question?  What would your children say is their fondest moment with you?  My oldest is at that age where she thinks about things that happened in the past.  She can recall things that she has seen or done very easily.  (What can I say she is my daughter so she would have to be awesome.)  So I asked her, what is the most fun thing that you have ever done with Daddy?  He answer was about going to the park and then going to get snowballs afterwards.  I thought that was a pretty awesome day too but I was expecting something else.  Disney on Ice or Carnival or Christmas.  I didn't expect something so simple.  It is so easy to get caught up in the big things that you would like to do but the simple ones have the most impact. 
So what moments have you created in your life and in the lives of those around you?  What moments do you want to create?
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