30 Day Trial Day 14 | Breathe Deep...

Welcome To Day 14 - Relax Relate Release...

One of the most important things that you can learn is when to recognize when you are getting close to edge. My wife and I have been known to ask each other, "Can you please talk me down from the ledge." This happens when we are attempting to do too much and are getting worn out. Do you know when you are at that point? You should always be aware when you are close to burn out because this is when we tend to damage those closest to us. Have you ever noticed that we always lash out at those who are closest to us? If you take the time to notice when you are close to burnout then you can insulate those around you. So here is what I did not get done today.

simplfy things
I made a valiant attempt to simplify things today but I ended up with more on my plate at work. However I decided to change the way that the giveaways will work today. I will be choosing randomly from everyone who updates tonight. So there is your simple activity. :)

rearrange furniture
I must admit that I had no intention of doing this because my wife is the one who is in charge of furniture placement. I would never attempt to upset the balance of our furniture.

breathe deep
This was my favorite task of the day. I am big on visualations so I spent some time this afternoon taking deep breaths and focusing on how I will complete some of the things that are in front of me.

live urgently
This week is our final push to get our sancturary in order in our new building. While I would like to say that I am pushing myself hard tonight I must admit that I have not. My wife is not feeling that good so I enjoyed my little one's tonight and will head over after they are in the bed. It will be another late night at the church. Fun Times.

Healthy Choices check...
Cash Only check...

So how are you?

Go Go GO

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