30 Day Trial Day 13 | Treat Yourself...

Welcome to Day 13 - Taking Care Of You...
Today I want to talk about taking care of you.  We live in such a frenzied state and with what I consider conflicting goals that we often neglect ourselves until it is too late.  Here is a case in point.  I have a wisdom tooth that cracked months ago that I have not gone to get removed.  I have not made the time to take care of this because I have so many different things going on right now that I haven't made the time to take care of this.  I am not as concerned with going to the dentist like I used to be.  I used to hate the dentist.  Even though I have really good teeth.  I just have way too much stuff to take care of right now to have to deal with having a tooth removed, especially now that it has cracked.  I have a good friend who works in a dentists office who will be very mad at me once she reads this.  So as soon as some of this build out frenzy dies down you will find my less plump butt firmly in the dentist's chair so I can get this taken care of.  There is a reason that when you are on an airplane they tell you to fix your oxygen mask before you help anyone else.  If you don't take care of you, you will not be in a position to take care of anyone else.
treat yourself
Today I left my gym clothes at home so I treated myself to no lunchtime workout.  It was awesome and I appreciate the day off.  I will however be pulling more cable from the ceilings while up on ladders so I should be able to get my movement goals met.
update resume
I tell my business clients to always update their resumes.  As you have achievements, receive awards, get promoted you should start noting it in your resume.  Most folks wait until they finds themselves out of work before they start.  At that point they may not be able to remember everything.  By periodically updating they are always keeping their info fresh.  Making them more marketable as a result.  For the freelancers that means updating portfolios and revamping rate information.
wake early
This did not happen for me today.  I spent more time on treating myself and slept in until 6:30.  My alarm was set for 5:15 but it did not happen this morning.  I may swing this one into tomorrow if I can get away with it.  ;)
Healthy lifestyle check!
I have cash on me today.  Imagine that.
So Where Are You Today?
Go Go Go

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