God's Man is Owning Up...

Are You Ready To Own Up???
So what does it me to own up to something.  To me it means to take responsibility for the decisions that I have made.  It means that I have accepted that I am the one who did it.  That the buck stops with me and that only I can change it.  So what am I owning up to?  Check out the picture again.  I am extremely prone to procrastination.  It has been such a problem for me that I had begun to justify it.  No longer!  I will be proactive about the things that I have on my plate and I will say no more often so that I will no overwhelm myself.  Being overwhelmed often leads to me putting things off.
Case in point.  I need to get over to brickbodies in order to get my gym membership set up.  I haven't done it yet.  Why?  Well I am off to get it done now.  I will do the most important thing possible at every given moment.  Drop me a note and let me know what you need to own up to.
Go Go Go

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