God's Man | Getting Caught Up.

Do You Need To Get Caught Up?
So yesterday I didn't make it through two of my tasks.
  • Constrain Yourself (Setting Boundaries)
  • Step Back (Evaluation)
So in an effort to kill several birds with several stones I am going to use these two items to focus my efforts for today's work.  So I am setting a boundary around the items I will be talking about today.  At work we call these time boxes.  I mentioned an assignment that I used to do with my students called the 5 minute drill.  This is where I would give a topic and they would have to create something in 5 mins.  Whether it was architecture, or programming, or multimedia they had to build something that met the goal within the time frame.  At first this was difficult but by the end of our time together could do amazing things in short periods of time.  So today I have 4 items on my task list.
  1. Challenge Yourself
  2. Speak Up
  3. Create Moments
  4. Take Pictures
My challenge for myself in the next few hours is to do a 5 minute drill on how I have achieved these 4 things today. 
Hey times up.  Do you have anything that you need to get caught up on?
Go Go Go

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