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Doxology and Theology

One leads to the other and both should lead back to God. Knowing Him causes us to praise Him which makes us want to know him even more which...We are looking forward to another installment of Lyrical Theology from Shai Linne.

On Having A Sense of Wonder...

I remember as a child I was often filled with wonder. Do you know what that is? That feeling of smallness. That there is some much going on around you that you couldn't possibly understand it all. Even though I am a gigantic nerd I grew up in what used to be considered the country. Homes had yards. There were still farms. There was history all around us. Old homes that had been abandoned where nature had reclaimed what was built. Where trees provided shade and the grass was the only blanket you needed. When I talk to my daughter I don't detect the same level of wonder as she interact with the world. Maybe it is the difference between boys and girls. I remember sweeping adventures that went from one end of one neighborhood to the far end of another.We had tales about the old homes in our neighborhood. From the story of old man Barry who had killed his brother to assume his familes property to the old boarded up house that was packed full of boxes of money. Then th…

Four questions to ask before tomorrow comes.

Am I being completely honest with myself?
What story do I want to tell?
Is there a tension that needs my attention?
What would be most honoring to God?
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When The Darkness is Scary...

There comes a moment in a child's life when they encounter it. The dark. The unknown. FEAR. Tonight Princess Mini came in saying that she was afraid of the dark. She wanted to know if she could sleep with us.
It is at these moments that we as parents shape them. Being a parent is a awesome responsibility. I don't mean that in Dude, that is AWESOME kind of way. I mean it inspires awe. It shakes you to your core. It should... I think that this is why so many run from it, but that is another topic.
We don't do a lot of co-sleeping in our house. That is not exactly true. We don't let them sleep in our bed. But we have spent many a night in their rooms. When they are sick, or scared, or lonely we go to them.
I think God works with us in much the same way. When we are gripped by fear, concerned about the unknown, or just lonely, he comes in and sits next to our bed. Maybe He puts His head on the pillow or drapes His arm over you but He makes his presence known…

Understanding An Acceptable Offering...

Why Cain Was Rejected and Abel Accepted - Kevin W.Posted with Blogsy

Spring Has Sprung Maryland Style

It looks like my #endWintersTryanny campaign has been a success.  In celebration we are participation in a time honored tradition in our family. Cooking crabs.  The princesses took these shots of me preparing some crabs.