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Free Friday | Chasing by Brian Camphor

This song was part of the princesses dance recital a few weeks ago.  I have been blessed by the words of this song.  I hope it blesses your soul and make you want to chase after him.

God's Man

God's Man | Strapped | Act Your Wage...

Over the weekend I was privileged to share God's Word at my local church.  I hope that you will be blessed by what God shared through me.

God's Man...

God's Man | The Supremacy of Christ- Symphonic Sermon Jam Video by BecauseHeDied

Thanks to all who made this video possible! Sermon from John Piper's message, "The Supremacy of Christ- Part 2" Music from: "Your Mother Loves You" (James Newton Howard, Blood Diamond) "Solomon Finds Family" (Blood Diamond) "Theme From Armageddon" (Trevor Rabin, Armageddon) "Armageddon Suite" (Armageddon) "Launch" (Armageddon) "Long Distance Goodbye" (Armageddon) "Harry and Grace Make Peace" (Armageddon) "Road to Perdition" (Thomas Newman, Road to Perdition) "The Bridge of Khazad Dum" (Howard Shore, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy) "Undying Love" (Thomas Bergren, Invincible) Blood Diamond (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)- ℗2006 Varse Sarabande Armageddon- The Album- ℗1975, 1978, 1998, Sony Music Entertainment Inc., 1994, 1998 Sony Music Entertainment (Canada) Inc., 1974…