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God's Man | Spoken Word: Gospel Discipleship - Jackie Hill by VergeNetwork

A spoken word by Jackie Hill on Gospel discipleship.

God's Man | No Plan B - Odd Thomas by VergeNetwork

God's Man | Propaganda - The Prodigal Sons by VergeNetwork

Propaganda lays bare the hidden motivations behind the two ways that all of humanity runs from God as illustrated in the parable of the Prodigal Sons in Luke 15. Check out Humble Beast for more from Propaganda:

God's Man | Surrender - Flame ft. V. Rose (Full Video) by Kindred Sheppard

Space Cherry Films did it again! Here's another dope vid from them... it's the VERY popular track from Flame ft. V. Rose titled 'Surrender', off of Flame's amazing project 'Captured'. Hit up iTunes & pick that 'Captured' up... the link is Also, make sure you check out for all things Clear Sight Music, all things Flame, and all things V. Rose... who recently signed to Clear Sight Music... This vid was not produced by GL Media Company... it is merely being shared thru Breathe Life Radio to expand the reach of the vid, the artist, and their message.