30 Day Trial Day 7 | Time To Review...

So here we are.  One week in and I know that I have seen a tremendous return for my efforts so far.  I was a little overwhelmed when I first looked at my task list.  However when I began to dive in I found that these could be achieved while following my normal path.  So here is where I am on my list for today.
Re-Read Books
If you ask my wife she will tell you that I am a book hole.  I have books upon books upon books.  I try to read at least 2 books each month.  Since I am always taking in new material I don't go back and reread a lot of those books.  One of the books that I tend to read every year is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  I have a pocket copy that is shredded because when I was a teenager I would carry it around everywhere.  So maybe 7 years ago I bought a new version of Think and Grow Rich that was updated for the 21st Century.  If you have never read the book I would recommend it because it gives you a clear cut guide to achieving any goal, financial or not.  I couldn't find my pocket copy and instead grabbed the updated edition.  As I read through it I came upon this goal statement that I written in the margins, "I will have a net worth of one million dollars by December 2009".  Now I wish that I could say that I had that kind of net worth, even though I know that is not enough for me to retire.  When I read that it blew me away.  I started to reexamine where I was at that time.  What was going on?  Why did I set that goal?  Why didn't I put it in front of my face instead of tucked away?  Why haven't I achieved it?  That was where the turning point was for me.  I could give you a laundry list of excuses why I hadn't gotten there but all of them, while valid, would be a lie.  The reason why any goal I have ever set hasn't been achieved is because I didn't make the sacrifices necessary to achieve it.  This was an important reminder for me.  Have you made any sacrifices for the attainment of your goal? 
Life Mission
Do you have one?  Do you know why you are here and what you would like to achieve?  Have you ordered your priorities to put you one step closer every day?  You don't have to change the world.  You just have to want to change your world.  I asked this question on Facebook a while back, "If your greatest dream became your reality would the world be a better place?"  The life that I am creating is listed at the top of this blog and it follows me to all of the places that I have landed on the web.  This is who I am
"One man forever seeking for the Heart of God. One husband forever loving his wife. One father forever shaping the lives of his children. One teacher forever equipping the lives of people."
This is what I am about everyday.  This is what I am trying to teach the men that I come in contact with.  This is what I want my wife and children (god-children included) to know.  Do you have a mission or vision for your life?  What about your children?  What legacy do you want to leave?
Say No
You must learn the power of the above statement.  Saying no is both simple and difficult.  It will cause comfort and discomfort in your relationships.  If you want to achieve your Life Mission, however, you must get comfortable with saying no.  Today I made a point of not taking on some additional tasks at work because it would get in the way of what is the most important thing for me to do each day.  I spoke about this in yesterdays message well.
Be Romantic
This one may be difficult for me today based on my schedule.  I believe that it is important that you continue to be romantic with your significant other.  If you don't do that you are leaving a door open while telling them not to walk through it.  You are also telling you S/O that they must also disregard what comes walking in through the door.  Being romantic isn't hard.  A letter, a card, a flower, poetry, draw something, finish a task she/he has asked of you.  How can you be more romantic today?  I would recommend the Love Dare for those of you that are married.  It is 40 days of growing your relationship with your spouse.
As for my other items I am still working on it.  I bought lunch today even through I brought lunch from home.  :(  I was actually emotionally eating today (frustration = bad food choices).  I also used my card to pay for this so that is a -5 for my cash only lifestyle.
What are you doing?  For those of you that are interested in competing for today's Amazon Gift Card you need to pick one of the bolded items in my task list and tell the group how you implemented it.  Best answer wins the prize.
Go Go Go

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