30 Day Trial Day 6 | Why I Love Wiring...

Welcome to Day 6 - Wiring Is The Coolest

So I got to spend all of my day today up in the ceiling of our new church pulling all of the miscellaneous wire that we are not using. It is interesting what networking people will leave up their. We found random tools, wiring connectors, and a trash can. Anyway here is what I was working on today.

Make Promises
So I promised that I would use my volunteer day from work this year for the Unite Campaign. So there I was, enjoying my ceiling time. My arms will be so sore from pulling and coiling wire. Have you made fulfilling promises a part of your life. Your word is worth more than gold and your good name more precious than diamonds. Make it a habit to keep your word.

Practice Discretion
In order for me to accomplish item number one I had to learn to say no. Learning to say no is vital to your growth. Get that habit under your belt.

Be Sincere
Are you honest in your conversations with others? Here is one of the tests to see your sincerity. When someone asks you how are you doing, do you tell them how you are or do you say "fine". Here is a challenge for you. Tomorrow when someone asks you how you are doing answer them truthfully. Notice how it throws people off. It will allow you to honestly talk to people.

For my other challenges I did not do so well today. I went off budget and competed in an ebay auction for a 48 port switch for our church. I won for an awesome price but I have to pay for it. My second purchase was a hit against my cash only and healthy lifestyle goal. I stopped at Cunkin Donuts this morning for a Vanilla Latte with sugar and a sour cream donut. I hope that the work out of pulling wire and climbing ladders was an offset.

So tomorrow is our first give-away. So tomorrow morning I will be sharing the rules for the giveaway. Here's a hint. It involves this list. Have a great night. I return to day time posts tomorrow.

Go Go Go

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