30 Day Trial | Today I Am Blown Away

So today I learned that one of my favorite quotes is absolutely true.
"Inch by inch is a cinch"
I have heard that quote used a ton of times by a ton of people in a bunch of different contexts. The point, however, is always the same. Small changes done over a period of time creates results. I know that we like to think change requires massive effort. Let's make Big Changes, we'll say. I want to create an explosion. The problem is that it is difficult to sustain those big changes long term, without some serious soul searching and sacrifice. That is why the 30 day trial is so important.

One of the things I have seen take place in the folks that I work with is by setting a small goal and working at it effects long term change. By making it happen day after day you build up your confidence muscle. Then you can tackle the issues systematically turning them into positive habits.

So back to what I learned today. So as part of my trial I joined a gym yesterday. I got up after writing the Owning Up message and got it done. I went into the gym and swam 20 laps for 200 yards. Not as impressive as my friend Glenn's workouts but I felt great about it. I had to push through the last 6 laps because I was not feeling it. After the workout I hopped on the scale and lo and behold this guy who used to tip the scales at 309lbs is down to 285. I was so shocked by that I actually cursed, "Damn!" I hope no one heard me.

Well I am about to get dropped into a meeting so I will return with more later. Get your updates in.

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