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Are you Sure...

I was talking to a cousin late last week and I he commented on being unsure if another relative who is in the hospital right now is saved. I was shocked. I had an idea in my mind about this person and I am filled with questions. Where will her soul be? Will I see her again when our Father comes for us? It made me sick with missed opportunities to witness. It is true what they say about assuming. I have a friend who told me a story about a young guy he knew. They always skirted the issue of religion but my friend never pressed the issue (fear). A few months later the young man died in a car accident. My friend was distraught over his death. He wondered where this young man's soul wound up. It hurt him deeply. I know that this message is not the most coherent. I pray that we will all have the strength to talk to our "chicken list". Whatever negative feelings they may have towards us is nothing compared to what their souls could be in store for. Be Prayerful God