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A Man Of Destiny In A Time Of Need... Really??? I cannot stand it. Sorry needed to vent.

God's Man | Not Me Monday 4th Edition...

  Time to take a look at what I didn't do over the last week. Here is my not me entry for today. I did not post in 25 Random Things About Me that "I was married to the most wonderful women in the world." I did not break my blogging fast one night early so I could post the above link. I did not breathe a sigh of relief when my Mother In Law showed up yesterday because she could entertain the kids while I tried to make some desserts. I did not burn the above dessert anyway resulting in my having to throw away about 60 Hershey Kisses I did not get frustrated with God during my fast when He gave me some insight on a decision I had made.  I never argue with Him.  I am an obedient son. I did not allow my children to use me as an obstacle course so I could lie down for a few minutes. I certainly do not still have my Christmas decorations up on my house. I did not take pictures of my kids playing with

God's Man | 25 Things About Me

UPDATE: Thanks to my Big Brother Rick for reminding me that I am only married to one woman and now multiple women. My friend Momo tagged me so here are 25 thing about me. At one point I was one of 5 people in my family with the same first and last name I had a list growing up of the things I wanted to do before I got married and I did them all. I live in a neighborhood that was founded by my Great Great Grandfather and most of the people that have lived here are family. I have a ridiculous love of Mangos. I love comic books/video games/computer and most other nerdy pursuits. My wife and I plan to own a Villa here someday. I have worked for 3 companies that were in the top three in their industry. I was called into the ministry when I was a pre-teen but I ignored it until I was in my 20's. I am somewhat of an oddity in my family because of my political views. I am a voracious student of the founding fathers. I love to read and typically read 2-4 books every month. My wife and I

God's Man | Why I Don't Buy Toys...

The stuff they want to play with is much cheaper. In case you can't tell those are jumbo packs of toilet paper and towels. ;)

God's Man | Not Me Monday 3rd Edition

Not Me Monday God's Man Edition I did not start writing this list while in a meeting. I did not speak for more than my alloted time on Sunday. I did not reorder my sermon shortly before the service began. I did not laugh when my wife had to change a stinky diaper. We don't have a rule that whoever smells it has to deal with it. ;) I did not go in search of mangoes 2 nights in a row. Mangoes are my favorite! I did not fail in said search on both nights. :( I did not go off budget to buy a chipotle burrito over the weekend. I am teaching financial peace university at my church so I would never do that. I did not spend time doing electrical work in my house only to learn that all I needed was a new light bulb. I am a nerd so things like this never happen. I did not get excited when I could leave early this morning. I love watch my family get ready so we can all leave together. I did not stare at my wife through my basement window while she was exercising. I was busy cleaning the

Not Me Monday | God's Man Edition...

  I did not get frustrated with my wonderful wife because, after a weekend filled with chores (painting, moving furniture, and some light electrical), we spent our morning drive talking about all the chores coming up for me in the next weekend.   I did not get scared reading the book "The Love Dare" because God is testing me with each new dare.   I did not completely blow off working on a project that has lingered on from 2008.   I did not give my daughters huge amounts of cheese curls with their lunch on Sunday after church.   I did not use eat all the leftover cheese curls because I didn't want them to go to waste.   I did not issue a challenge to my church members and offer a prize from the pulpit.   I did not give my oldest daughter Ritz bitz crackers to entice her to stay in her room so I could watch the 24 premiere on Sunday.   I did not ignore my conscience telling me to workout all last week.   I did not get jealous when a friend