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What is NaNoWriMo

The wife and I will be participating in National Novel Writing Month. We have always toyed with this idea and now we have a format. The NaNoWriMo is a contest that begins on Novemeber 1st, 2006 and runs until Novemeber 30th. The goal is to write a complete 1st draft by contests end. The novel must be 50,000 words (175 pages) or greater and needs to be logged into the system by 11:59:59 on Novemeber 30th. Prv and I are nothing if not competitive. Keep us in your prayers. God's Man PS. You still have time to sign-up and join the fun.

How Do You Respond to Life's Toughest Questions?

I have been listening to a sermon series entitled Life's Toughest Questions. The pastor is Erwin McManus from Mosaic Church in Los Angeles, CA. This series came at a strange time for me. My wife and I, in following God's prompting, left Texas. We have moved back to my hometown of Hanover, MD. I knew that this wouldn't be the easiest transition. We would be moving back in with my parents while we finalized the sale of our home in Texas. It is hard to go from having a 1700sqft home to living in a basement. It is hard go from being solely responsible for decisions and now having extra eyes and ears. It has made me question myself. I have always wanted to have an impact on the people around me but right now I don't feel that I am impacting anyone. This led me to Paul. I started to think about his dry season (in the wilderness). Did he get frustrated? Did he cry out to God asking when? Did he think he was making the wrong decisions time after time? Or That it

Never waste a moment...

On September 17, 2006 my grandfather Carlton B. Matthews died. Thanks to everyone that prayed for us and for the many kind words. My grandmother asked me to speak at his funeral. I wasn't sure if I would be able to do it. I was very close to Pop-pop, especially in the last few years. I wish that I had a few more years with him. He was an awesome man but there was one thing that I almost never knew. These were my remarks at his funeral. Reflections of a Life Well Done… I stood before the Father today surprised by what he said “Well done”, he said, “Faithful one come in” Before my enemies you never fled. Here lies Carlton “Collie” Matthews, a son, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, a husband, a brother, a friend. No matter what you knew of Pop-pop, what you saw was what you got. I would often tell my friends about Pop but I could never capture everything that he was to me. I would tell them that he was a man from the “Old School.” There wasn’t a stronger m

Will you pray for me?

My wife asked me to pray for her the other night and I could not find the words to express out loud and so I focused inward. I let my heart pour out to God everything that I was feeling. I am always surprised when I go to God this way. I never know what will come up. The Holy Spirit interprets for us. So even when you don't have the words he will make your petitions known to God. I am always awed by what comes up into my mind when I do this. I don't banish this as a product of a random mind like I used to do. I see now that these things need to be addressed so that my prayers are not hindered. I laid many things at God's feet. I asked Him to forgive me of the mistakes that I have made. The one that stood out to me was a statement that I made to my father. When Prv31 was in a bible study at our new church he commented that she was with her boyfriend. I told him that the only man that I have to be worried about is Jesus Christ. He let it go there but I continued r


Today I was totally lost.  I actually thought that it was Tuesday and was bothered when someone corrected me.  I mean how do you lose an entire day? Isn't that our nature?  God gives us this gift of life and we get so wrapped up we forget what is truly important.  No man knows the number of breaths that he will take.  And we through worry cannot add a single hour to our day. Make sure that you are doing the most important thing possible at every given moment. God's Man

Temple maintenance

I need to treat my body like the temple that it is. I want to provide my children with a good healthy example. I am ready to change my eating and exercise habits today. I will lose 100 lbs in the next 12 months. See more progress on: lose weight

Time to Follow My Own Advice

The next few posts here on this site are the result of of some serious discussions that God had with me. I have been in the business of teaching and training other people to achieve their goals and dreams. I currently have 3 people that I have mentored into million dollar business deals. I have shown folks how to create plans of action to improve several areas of their lives. In the midst of all of this my own world has gotten more and more out of control. God gave me a shot last week and said that I need to follow my own advice and get myself together. I won't get into reasons why and make excuses. I have always been no nonsense my my "students" and now it is time to be that way with myself.