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I'm going to peel back the veil and let all of you in on a secret today. I... am a raging... uncontrollable... unrelenting... . . . . NERD. I love technology. I love computers. I love video games. I love books and reading. I am an equal opportunity nerd. I am technology agnostic. I love my Mac and my PC. Even though I lean towards my Mac. I love programming and I love graphic design. There used to be a web comic that I enjoyed called Life of Riley. In it there was a character named Dan who achieved superhuman powers by becoming a living paradox. He was able to create art and work with technology. The jokes assumption was being artistic and nerdy were mutually exclusive. I've wondered about that for a long time. I've always loved music, singing, art just as much as I love technology. I have always loved to create, whether it is applications or poetry. When God created us He knew exactly what he was doing. He created each and everyone of us in His image and that means that H

Men putting on the Armor of God

This weekend I will be speaking at St. Mark's United Methodist Church for their Men's Day Celebration. I am excited about this because this is the church that I grew up in. My family has been worshiping here for generations. Even though I am not a member there I feel honored to stand there where some of my ancestors have stood. No matter what, I want God to get all the glory. Here are some snippets from what God is preparing for me. Check back for updates. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Men’s Weekend 2007 Theme: Men putting on the Armor of God Scripture: Ephesians 6:10-11 “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes.” Power Tip: How you do anything is how you do everything! Last weekend was my 5 year anniversary and you know where I spent some of it? The mall. So there we were in a department store looking at dresses and suit set

Overcoming Fear...

Fear is such an empty emotion. It tells us that we can't do something, that it is too hard... But it is a lie. Today I saw fear in a very real way, in Isana's eyes. She wanted to try the monkey bars on the swing set. She was expecting our normal answer of no. I told her that I would have to remove the swings first. She watched me take each one off chain by chain. Finally it was clear and the ladder that we have watched her go up and down on seemed so tall. She decided she didn't want to do it anymore... Aren't we like that some times. We say, God open this door. But when the door is finally open we slink away because now we have to stretch. Like I said it could have ended there. But I wouldn't let Fear stop her growth. I told her to climb up those steps. Then she didn't want to reach for the overhead bars. It was too far she said. I told her she could do it but the fear wouldn't retreat. Even though she had grabbed the bars and was hanging on she