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What are you feeling?

I am going through The 100% Brain Course (Master Manual), that a student of mine is letting me borrow. The author, Melvin D. Saunders, gives you 223 creative exercises to help develop 100% of your brain. The first exercise teaches you how to identify your emotional states. I think that this is important for everyone, especially the Christian, to know. Here is an excerpt from the first exercise. "If you were drunk or addicted to something or mentally aberration, could you recognize that your behavior was different? Do you know what makes you cry or what makes you angry? Unless emotions are intensely experienced, many people find difficulty in describing or relating to their feelings. They sometimes deny experiencing the emotions of love, fear, anger, pleasure, because of the lack of conscious awareness of such emotions. People may even feign love or pleasure to cover up unhappiness and low self-esteem. " When we don't acknowledge our feelings we leave a doorway for the de


I've been tasked with developing a section of our Men's Seminar. My section is on achieving your dreams. It's funny how God always deals with me about something right before I'm given an assignment. Here are the different workshops I'll be designing. Finding your Dream! Funding your Dream! Farming your Dream! Our Men's Retreat will be in July. I'll be sending out invitations soon. God's Man

Rising From The Ashes...

The great thing about God is that his grace is all sufficient. I'm excited that He has already forgiven me. I have been away from this site for quite some time. God is still in the saving business. Be on the lookout for God's "more consistent" Man.