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God's Man | Biblical Manhood

Here are some notes that I took while listening to a sermon on Biblical Manhood by Pastor Voddie Bauchman author of Family Driven Faith: Doing What It Takes to Raise Sons and Daughters Who Walk with God.  Share your thoughts in the comments below.
Link to the sermon pt1 Link to the sermon pt2
Biblical Manhood by Pastor Voddie Bauchman

We don't need more ball players.  We need Men with Trained Minds.
We need Men with Godly Biblical Character
We need Men with Multi-Generational Vision
We need Men who commit themselves and all their faculties to Almighty God
We need to Raise Warriors for Christ, not Entertainers.

We measure men today by the 3 B's
Ball Field

These are the three things that we need to see in Biblical Men
God Honoring LaborNo Lazy Men- It is my job to protect my daughter for worthless men.  "Do Not Abide a Lazy Man."  Don't get involved before your evaluate.  - What has more value, Lamborghini Testerosa or your daughter?- You will allow a…