30 Day Trial | Falling Down...

So today's message will be a short one. Not because I don't have that much to say but because I am in between bedtimes and after laying one little one down I need to spend some individual time with the other. So here is an update on how I am doing on my 3 trials.
  1. Today's tasks were Delegate Responsibility, Stand Out, and look up. I had help in tracing wires and pulling them so that is a check for number one. I stood out today as I tried, again to open my mailbox using the key the Post Office gave me. After trying all 130 boxes I learned that they gave me the wrong one. I did fail to look up today and was whacked by a ceiling tile while pulling some wires. 2/3 is still a win in my book. ;)
  2. Healthier lifestyle - Ate a great Chicken Caesar salad for lunch today. My workout was going up and down ladders and pulling cables out of the ceiling at the church. My arms are a little sore so I must have been doing something
  3. Cash Only - Didn't do so well on this one. After activating my new card I went to Dunkin donuts and ordered a Vanilla Milkshake. I had to use the card becuase I did not have any cash on me. So this is -5 for both points 1 and 2.
Tomorrow is another day. How did you do on your stuff today? I am going to make an attempt to give you folks something a little deeper later.

Go Go Go

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