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God's Sense of Humor....

I am always surprised when God uses me to talk with His people. 2 weeks ago I spoke to Elkridge Baptist Church. I had prepared a message entitled, "God Loves Skeptics". I had written out word for word what I would say. That is something that I usually don't do. I wanted to appear prepared so in I went with my 5, count them five, pages of sermon. I stood up before the people and began... ...When all was said and done God had spoken a powerful word to His people. I however had said nothing that was on my paper. It was amazing. All of the material was covered. The scripture references were the same. I just didn't use any of my own words. Isn't that awesome. God said exactly what the people needed to hear. After the service the Head Deacon thanked me for letting God work through me. I said that I am glad that God's way always prevails. One of the members also spoke to me and said that I specifically addressed her issues. I told her that God is alwa