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So I am trying out blog posting from Microsoft Office 2007. I am interested in knowing whether it is worth it to add the overhead of Office to my blogging lifestyle. So today our church did something different, we had a split service. Since we have 2 buildings for the next couple weeks we had the men in one location and the women in the other. It was a great experience for us. I would imagine it was the same for the women. My wonderful bride was the speaker and I have been told that she did a wonderful job. I know that God spoke both to and through her. Watching her prepare was fun. She really dove deep into the word and focused on making sure that she was prepared. She had enough material, in my opinion, to create an entire sermon series. Congratulations darling, continue to let God use you.

Welcome to Day 5 of the 30 Day Trial Challenge

Today I am focused on these 4 tasks in my quest to become the type of man that I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Carpe Diem
Today is all we ever really have. Did you know that? I have had this conversation with my god-children many times. They, and just about everyone else, focus on the things in the past that they have no power over and dreaming about the things in the future. What we fail to look at is what we need to do today to get to the future that we imagine. If we don’t work NOW than we will never realize the dreams we have for ourselves. One of the maxims that I follow is this, “I must do the most important thing possible at any given moment.” There is a reason that this is call the champions creed. Today is the most preious commodity that you have. You will never have today back. So whatever your hands find to do; DO IT WITH PASSION, ENERGY, and EXCITEMENT! So what did I do to seize the day? Today I took the opportunity that God gave the Men of Living Hope Church and allowed Him to speak a work to them. Take a look at Joel 2:12-32. It is a powerful example of how God tells us if we use our time for the most important thing than he will answer. It was an awesome time in the Lord. DUDE!

Change Focus
So I was planning to stay after church today and continue the work that we are doing but I was lead to go and move a TV to my grandmother’s house in Baltimore. My original plan was to move this TV and entertainment center on Monday but my cousin, my daughters and my parents went and delivered it. She was so tickled. It has been a while since she has had a TV room in her house. She has a TV in her kitchen, which is in the basement of her house, but now she has a nice size TV in her living room and a chair for her to rest in while watching it. It was so good to be able to bless her this way. She is amazing and I want to give her the world. So how is that for changing focus? Is there anything that you are focused on right now that you needs\ to shift from so that you can be a blessing to someone else? Remember today is all we have and tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Be a blessing today

Have Purpose
Do you have a purpose? What drives you? What wakes you up in the morning? My purpose has driven me hard sometimes and other times it is a subtle reminder to stay on the right path. Are you in a time of passionate purpose or quiet purpose? For me now is a more quiet time of purpose. I know what God has for me but now is the time to sit under another leader and be a servant. I am using skills that I have been trying to grow out of. Luckily for me I enjoy nerd work as I call it. Now is also the time to help my bride in the achievement of her dreams as well. This has changed over the course of our marriage and I think that we have begun to understand this rhythm. So I have been working on a writing assignment that will help me once the time has come for me to go full bore at this again.

Embrace Change
Being married with 2 little girls means that change is woven all through the tapestry of my life. From sun up to sun down today has been about change so I hope that I have navigated it well. Flexibility is one of the keys and the other is love.

As for my other trials, I am putting a check in the win column for healthier choices because I did not eat a bunch of junk. Even though I dod not think that I ate enough. As far as my cash only trial I did use my debit card in order to buy the cable and clips for running the cable wire in grandma’s house I am being reimbursed so that is the same as cash right?

I hope that you survived another Sunday. GOD is so good and I am glad to be in Hs family.

Go Go Go

P.S. Trying to post from Microsoft Office 2007 was an Epic Fail. So I had to use the blogger interface anyway.

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