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God's Man | Samsung Instinct...

I am test posting from my new Samsung Instinct. After years of fighting having a cell phone I am now using one of the most advanced phones on the market. It is pretty sweet. I am able to hold my sleeping daughter and type this out. If only I didn't have such big hands. It works well though. I would recommend this to anyone that likes cool phones.

God's Man | Is Your Light On...

Whose light are you shining? Matthew 5:14, 16

God's Man | A Servant Leader

A Godly Man is a Servant Leader   Whoever heard me spoke well of me, and those who saw me commended me, because I rescued the poor who cried for help, and the fatherless who had none to assist him. The man who was dying blessed me; I made the widow's heart sing. I put on righteousness as my clothing; justice was my robe and my turban. I was eyes to the blind and feet to the lame. I was a father to the needy; I took up the case of the stranger. I broke the fangs of the wicked and snatched the victims from their teeth. – Job 29:11-17   Jesus gave us his model for leadership when he spent time washing His disciple’s feet.   He understood that the best way to be a lead people is through serving them.     Jesus also served by taking our place at the cross.   He knew that we would not be able to walk a sinless life so he did it for us.   He went to the cross willingly for all of us so that we could know true fellowship with God.   Reflections: When has someone stood

God's Man | Agent of Change

A Godly Man is a Change Agent   "When I went to the gate of the city and took my seat in the public square, the young men saw me and stepped aside and the old men rose to their feet; the chief men refrained from speaking and covered their mouths with their hands; the voices of the nobles were hushed, and their tongues stuck to the roof of their mouths. – Job 29 7-10   Have you ever walked into a room and had people stop talking?   I used to be extremely self-conscious about that.   I would think that people were talking about me and get very defensive.   I would also spend time second guessing myself.   One of my mentors told me that as you start to grow in God, things around you will begin to change.   A few years ago, I was living in CA and, the young lady across the hall from me was a serious Christian.   She used to invite me over, to her prayer meetings, all time but I always found some excuse.   She kept at it week in and week out.   Whenever she would c

God's Man | Portrait of a Godly Man

Christian Women the world over have looked to Proverbs 31 as a model for Godly Women.   That has always left me with this question.   What is a Godly Man?   In the book of Job we find a man that God called blameless.   During his lament in chapter 29 Job paints a picture of a Godly Man.   It gives us things to focus on as we strive to be men of God.   A Godly Man needs God’s Provision     Job continued his discourse: "How I long for the months gone by, for the days when God watched over me, when his lamp shone upon my head and by his light I walked through darkness!   Oh, for the days when I was in my prime, when God's intimate friendship blessed my house, when the Almighty was still with me and my children were around me, when my path was drenched with cream and the rock poured out for me streams   of olive oil.   – Job 29 1:-6   Even though Job is in the middle of a bitter lament he knows that his entire life was built on the provision of God.   He know

God's Man | God showed me a Vision.

A draft as I finish processing what God showed me...   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   I was walking in a dark place when I heard God speak clearly to me saying, “Whom do you love?”   I thought of my wife, who is the closest to me.   Right before my eyes she appeared with a *Poof*.   Next my children and god-children appeared.   Then my parents and extended family walked into the room.   With each face I felt so loved and secure.   Next I thought of friends both near and far, Christian and not, close and distant.   One by one they showed up and my smile grew larger.     Next God asked me “What is important to you?”   So I started to see visual representations of my desires.   When I thought of my calling to preach a pulpit appeared.   My mind went to providing for my family and I saw invitations to my children’s graduations and to their weddings.   I saw a newspaper article announcing the Matthews Foundation’s next acquisition.   Next I thought of work and