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God's Man | Job 29 | The Blessed Home

The Blessed Home
So as we continue this look at Job 29 we reach verses 4-6

4 Oh, for the days when I was in my prime, when God's intimate friendship blessed my house, 
5 when the Almighty was still with me and my children were around me, 
6 when my path was drenched with cream and the rock poured out for me streams of olive oil.  Like I mentioned in yesterday's post Job understood that his life was blessed because God was with him.  In this set of verses we see Job recognizing that God not only gave light and direction to the darkness of this life, he also provides for our needs.  In verse 6 Job says that his path was drenched with cream.  He is describing a life that was softened because God was there.  He also mentions that out of the rock poured streams of olive oil.  God is able to provide for us even in the hard/dry times.  I have enjoyed talking to people who have neglected to participate in the recession.  There minds are not focused on what is happening all around them and…

God's Man | Job 29 | Following His Light

Following His Light I am reading through Job 29 again as I am seeking God for what it means to truly be God's Man.  I have always felt that Job 29 is for men the way that Proverbs 31 is for women.  It paints a picture of what it means to be a man who recognizes who God is and that he belongs to Him.  Here are verses 1-3 2 “How I long for the months gone by,
for the days when God watched over me,
3 when his lamp shone upon my head
and by his light I walked through darkness! - LinkThis is the first thing that Job mentions about being God's Man.  Job knew who God was and understood that God knows what is best.  He used this wisdom to navigate through the world that was around him.  Do you truly trust that God has an answer for every situation that you find yourself in?  I wish that I could say that I have this one locked down but honestly I cannot.  On the big things I lean in to God but for the small stuff I find that I rely on my own strength.  This is where things can get out …

God's Man | Off Topic | Do You Love Me...

I found this while sifting through some files stored on a file server that I used to maintain during college.  As I read through this I pulled me right back to where I was when I wrote it.  Life was approaching a cross roads for me and I hesitated when I should have moved.  It always amazes me how powerful words are.  When they are connected to emotion/passion they can do unbelievable things.  This is extremely off topic for what I normally have here but I wanted to share it anyway.  Do You Love Me I wonder sometimes do you love me When my mind fills with doubt and and shame I think, "Do I really deserve to be?" When I reach out I get more of the same. Rejection is a bitter pill to swallow It is often to big to take So it gets broken as you wallow In a depression you cannot shake These words may cause harsh reactions But their purpose should not be ignored When your words do not match your actions You may find yourself on the other side of the doo…