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Reality Check...

Time for a reality check for your humble author.

God walked me back over my life. He showed me His hand all over my life. God reminded me in not so gentle terms that He has always had my best interests in mind. I was the one who ignored or slapped away His hand. I was the one who decided to move away from Him. But even though I scorned Him, He still wants me.

Walk with Me is what He has told me. Walk with Me and see where I am taking you.

God's Main

Job Moment...

I've been wondering if I am really being authentic. I am currently experiencing moments of great triumph. I am also experiencing times of personal failure. I wonder if I am walking the right path. I feel the full weight of my responsibility to my wife and children. Am I doing right by them? I don't know anymore. I really haven't written much about what is going on in my world recently. I started this blog to capture my personal thoughts and to discuss God's place in my life.

I feel stuck right now. I am having a Job moment right now. I want God to come down and tell me what is going on. I want Him to explain why my life is going the way it is. I just want to understand why I can't overcome certain aspects of my life. I want to know why things are not coming together for me as I planned. It is weird. I have spent so much of my life telling people to not complain, to focus on where you are going, to put God first; however I don't see things falling…