God's Man | Not Me Out of the Shadows Edition...

I had taken a break from the Not Me Posts while MckMama's son Stellan was in the hospital but since I saw that he was at home, or at least outside with his family here I am. Hat tip to my friend Momo for bring this back to my mind. So without further ado here is what I did not do since my last update.

I Most Certainly did not:
  1. Blush when I learned that my love of Mangos was fully explained to my Big Brother's wife. Mangos are awesome though.
  2. Accidently write "Hos" in a facebook status update when I meant His. It was not made worse becuase I was referencing my beautiful wife in that update.
  3. Start changing from Mary to Martha. Read Luke 10:38-42 for context. Not that it happened but it is always good to read your Bible.
  4. Impressed that my wife finished a 5K. She is totally not out of my league.
  5. Play hookie with my wife and spend the day together down in DC.
  6. We definitely did not eat a snooty resturant while in DC. I mean everything is so down to earth there. Plus that would have been off budget and we follow our to the letter.
  7. Laugh when my sweet wife asked that the chef change the recipe for a dish becuase she wanted to. We didn't go so this couldn't have happened.
  8. Take a few minutes getting ready for work after dropping the kids off at my parents this morning. I am always on time and ready for work.
That is enough for today. Dr. God's Man says that you should always have your fruits and Vegetables every day. I would recommend Mangos.

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