30 Day Trial | Not Me Edition...

I was trying to figure out how to combine the 30 Day Trial Challenge with Not Me Monday's.  Hopefully I do not break McMama's rules by combining my posts today.  Momo's husband is participating in the challenge so check out her blog for her Not Me Entry today.  So here is what I haven't done.
  • I did not get frustrated when only one person had been consistently updating with her progress.  Way to go Miki by the Way.
  • I have not been struggling to get in my 250 words posts every day.  I have ample amounts of time to post entries, don't cha know.
  • I did not feed my 5 year old a PB&J and goldfish in the middle of the night last night.  We would never feed our children so late at night.  Bedtime is important.
  • I did not ignore writing this post last night because I was frustrated.  That never happens to me or you right?
  • I did not let the above mentioned frustration pour over into my new day.  Holding a grudge never happens either right?
  • Getting through this post is not one of the most difficult task I have done with this blog.
  • I do not need to get serious about losing weight as I am frustrating my beautiful bride.  She is perfectly content with how I am treating "her" body.
  • My mind is not wandering today?  I am a laser beam, not a flashlight.
  • I am not telling anyone who is interested about the 30 Day Trial Challenge .  I am not a self-promoter.
  • I am not giving away $40 in Amazon gift certificates over the course of the above challenge that I am not shamelessly promoting.
  • I am not telling all the participants to get their updates posted below because that might be construed to be promoting the 30 Day Trial Challenge  which I am not promoting.
Well that is enough for this Monday.  The lesson for all the 30 Day Trial Challenge  folks is that no matter what gets in your way, you have to keep the Streak Going.

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