30 Day Trial | Day 2

Welcome to Day 2, Where the Rubber Meets The Road...

For those of you that came to the Maximum Impact Event at Living Hope Church yesterday the image above should be familiar. Kevin Carroll, the author of Rules of The Red Rubber Ball, spoke about Passion, Purpose, and Intention. Each of these things is important in order to be successful at the 30 Day Trial Challenge.

It is interesting that he mentions passion before purpose . You would think that you should have your purpose and intention first. If you think about it though without the passion to actually do something we will never even start. We need passion to drive us forward.

Once we have a desire to change, then we can use a technique like the 5 whys to determine the purpose for our activity. This is a technique that we mastered as children but learned to discount as adults. When you are examining an action ask yourself why and then question each additional answer until you get the root reason or purpose.

Intention is defined as bending our minds towards a given target or object. Once we have gained the desire to make a change then we can find our reason. Once we know why we are passionate about our goal then we can start to engage our creative minds. When we embrace our creativity then we can come up with what we need to do.

Are you ready to blast through Day 2?!

Go Go Go

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