30 Day Trial | Day 19

Welcome to Day 18 - Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

One of the statements that I hated growing up was this, "You are too young. When you get older you will understand why what you are doing isn't possible." There are very few things that I hate but I HATE THAT! I spend most of my time trying to figure out how to do things people tell me are impossible. My parents tell me that I am asking for trouble because my response to my daughters to "I can't" is "There is nothing you can't do." Now they try everything. They jump, climb, push, pull and I just watch and laugh. I give warning where I should, stop them when there is danger, but I will never tolerate "I can't".

Today I am sharing a video of Steve Jobs speaking at Stanford University in 2005. He gives one of the best, and shortest commencement address that I have ever been privileged to hear. He ends it by telling the students to "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish". This speech is a reminder to me that there is no reason to think that we have to stay where we are. There is a concerted effort to keep us from doing what we dream. Are any of you experiencing this? In your 30 Day Challenges is that voice still there telling you to give up? I have been battling this voice every day of this Challenge.

I WILL NOT BACK DOWN! What I know to be true is more than powerful than the whispers. Don't get caught up in the victim mindset that is being taught. For those of you with children don't let them get caught up either.

There is nothing that you are not capable of. I hope that in some small way this challenge is showing you that. 11 More days to go.


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