30 Day Trial Day 22 | Don't Worry...

Welcome to Day 22 - Don't Worry...

Today I am not living out my tasks. I have learned much from this failure but that doesn't make it any less bitter. Here is what I took a crack at today.

plan ahead
This has always been a struggle for me. I am a catch as catch can type of guy. I am the easy going one. I am very flexible and allow myself to be distracted. What I need to learn is that as a husband, father and leader I have to do more planning. I have to be prepared to explain why I do things. It is not enough to have made a decision to do one thing or another. I must be prepared to explain the why. I get frustrated by this when if I had just prepared/planned ahead I would not run into this. In what areas of you life can you plan ahead?

don't worry
My casual nature keeps me from worrying much so I thought this would be a very easy task. However as my workday began to end things began to get out of control. This caused me to worry about how successful we would be this sprint. Then later I was so worried that I was about to damage a relationship that I left, when I knew I should have stayed. How much power do you allow worry to have in your life. Now is the time to banish worry from your life.

practice meditation
I was able to do this today. I used my workout today to allow my mind to look inward and dwell upon what was really important. I know that we often see meditation as sitting still but that is no tthe only way to meditate.

So I swam another 840 yards in the pool today. I tried to keep up with my coach Glenn but he has been doing this for a long time.

Ended up making apurchase for church tonight on my card. We needed supplies.

So that is me, how did you do today?

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