30 Day Trial Day 18-20 | Don't Quit...

Thanks to everyone who sent me a message, checking up on me during my missed days.  I apologize for not being better prepared to continue my posting while we were finishing up the 1st phase of our new church build out.  It has been an eye opening experience.  Working almost every night until late and getting up for the day job left me with very little energy during the day for posting.  Several times I fell asleep trying to write my posts.  It is funny what your write when you are almost out.  So how are all of you doing?  Even though I have not been posting I have been trying to keep my eyes on my list of tasks.  Here is where I am.
be interesting
I have gotten a lot of comments from friends who have commented on my twitter and facebook exploits.  Part of my sharing this challenge with all of you is to introduce people to my particular way of coaching.  I hope that folks are finding the nuggets I am sharing interesting.  Hopefully some new coaching clients may be a result.
work out
One of the best things about the work I have been doing is that the constant up and down of the ladder coupled with the lifting and pulling has allowed me to keep my heart rate up.  Working out need not always be gym time or formal exercise.  Find ways to make your everyday activities into exercises. 
call home
One of the struggles I have faced over this buildout is staying connected at home.  Being gone has resulted in some strain that we have been working through.  One of our things is remaining in constant contact.  Facebook, text messages, emails and phone calls have helped us to stay connected.  What simple ideas can you implement to stay connected with those close to you?
surf smart
Not sure about this one.  I attacked it by trying to curb the surfing that I do on the internet.  I waste a lot of time everyday on the internet.  I have learned to batch my surfing every day.  I have designated surfing times.  This allows me to keep my mind sharp during my work time.
give credit
I want to give some credit to my brothers in arms at LHC for their hard work during this build out.  Jason Paul K, Deborah, Greg, Mike, Alan, Tim, Rick, Leah, Steve Q, Steve A, Chris, Doug, Dennis, Diana, Shawn, Paul S.  I know I missed some folks but I am glad that these folks sacrificed some of their time to get it done.  We have much more to do but I am thankful for all of them.  Also thanks to all of the folks who supported those who were there. 
learn efficiently 
flirt more 
be assertive 
make associations 
don’t quit 
I will come back an fill in the rest later.  Get those updates in
Go Go Go

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