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One of the skills that I encourage everyone to learn is being an active listener. It is so important to listen. It is one of those skills that should be taught in schools, by parents, and reinforced on the job. Listening will help you in all aspects of your life. From your career to your marriage being a good listener makes everything easier.

Case in Point my bride and I have been having lots of discussions about our time commitments. Her points are valid as are mine but if we spent all of our time trying to argue our points nothing would ever get accomplished. The two of us have learned that we need to really listen to one another. Not just listen to prepare our next argument but listen to understand everything being said. Not just the argument but the emotion that is around it. This is where I struggle because I am a take it as it is kind of guy. If you say “this is what I will do” then I will take you at your word. If I ask, “if something is ok,” and you say yes, then I will go forward 100%. It is easy for me to miss the voice tone sometimes. Especially when I am excited to do something. That is where the meat of what we say is found.

90% of conversation is body language and voice tonality.

***Timer Expired***

10% is what you are actually saying. I know for most guys this is a hard pill to swallow. It is the same for us though.

Make a point of listening today.

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