30 Day Trial Day 23| I'm Smiling. Are You?

call someone
Honestly I did not do this one today. I was stuck on who to call and I couldn't think of anyone. Now it is late and i do not want to disturb anyone. SO I am calling this one a failure today. Maybe I will attack it tomorrow so I can say I did it.

take initiative
Today I was a little more proactive than I usually am. I told my team members how to address issues rather than allowing them to come up with their own solutions. While I prefer letting my team learn through their issues there is something exciting about being in charge.

experience nature
The only nature that I experienced was the natural beauty of my bride. She has taken to wearing dresses and skirts again and for that I am thankful. Walking around the city and experiencing the people was also fun. I long for being a kid again, living in Matthews Town and walking barefoot in through my grandmother's garden.

smile more
Today was a day filled with laughter, even amongst the tears. My bride and I had some real talk this morning and felt that we came to a real understanding. Starting the day off like that isn't something that I would recommend but it works for us. After sharing what we did I felt free to enjoy my day. So I did. Laughing at the ridiculousness of my job and the expectations that they have put on us.

I did a whopping 1000 yards in the pool today. Now that is nothing compared to the 3000 that my coach did. His example is making push myself harder.

No cash so no purchases today. Woo Hoo.

The family is off to Hershey Park tomorrow so I will be doing a Picture post tomorrow.

What did you do today?

Go Go Go

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