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I am a big believer in the meaning of dreams. I wrote this dream down one night in 2007. I share part of it with you as well as the specific questions that I asked God about it.

People in the Dream:
Me, Virginia Carter, my cousin "Cakes"

Locations in the Dream:
Virginia Carter's House, Villa Julie College (AC Building)

Segment 2:
Ginny and I, she ask me to her Ginny, are walking through the AC building at Villa Julie. I am showing her the classrooms and talking about what our team does here. Again the conversation seems light and fluffy. All style and no substance. We get about halfway down the hall and some people call to her from down the hall. She acknowledges them. I can't tell who they are as they are covered in shadows. We keep walking and talking but I start slowing my pace. I want to keep talking with Ginny. I want to talk about important things but we seem caught up in this banal conversation about my work.. We walk and talk and then, almost by surprise we are at the end of the hall. Ginny leaves with the shadowy people. I wake up full of sadness.

Questions for God:
Why did Ginny marry Cakes? I didn't see him at all during the dream.
Why were we at Villa Julie?
Why was I so insistent not to talk about Primerica?
Why did it matter to me at all?
Why won't Primerica go away?

Primerica was a very important part of my life. For 4 almost 5 years I worked alongside some awesome people. I really wanted to make this business work but I would never really apply myself to making it big. I was a great cheerleader and teacher. I learned a lot about public speaking as well as how to create successful teams. I am glad for that time but I know that I did not apply myself to the important things of the business. Well back to the dream. Here are the answers that I got when I revisited this post.

I think that Ginny married my cousin as an excuse to bring me together with her. Our spheres are so separate that I would never meet her without this connection.

VJ was an important place in my life for a number of years and it would be one of those places where I would feel very comfortable.

I think that I didn’t talk about PFS during this meeting because I have been very ashamed about letting an awesome opportunity slip through my fingers. I would be embarrassed to talk with someone who made it big with real adversity in her way. Read the story…

PFS is still bouncing back and forth in my brain. I hope/plan to get back involved with this business. I will not join again until I can commit to making it big and make the sacrifices necessary.

In the book Success God’s Way Charles Stanley answers the question of “How do I know if my goal is from God.” He says that if the goal will help others and not harm them then it is from Him. I sure that this is a terrible paraphrase but it has been a couple of years since I last read it.

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