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When I was young I used to read a lot of video game magazines.  One of the magazines was called GameProGamePro was full of reviews and guides for the games that I enjoyed but what I ignored the general guides and looked for what they called ProTips.  The ProTips were little nuggets or ideas that would kick your skills into high gear.  It was a trick that would shave time off of a race or the button combination that would result in a winning match.  So today I want to share some ProTips that I have given to clients and friends on how to make the changes below.
act now 
60 Second Decisions
I will probably hear from my wife about sharing this with you.  She doesn't like these but they have served me well.  It requires that you be proactive and know what want in any given situation.
When confronted with a big decision boil all of your questions down into 4-5 yes or no questions.  After that find a person that can answer these yes or no questions.  Whichever get the most yes answers wins.
create precedents 
Create a Streak
This is what the 30 Day Trial is all about.  The power of a streak.  It is easy to quit in the early days but once it gets traction and things are moving it is much harder to give up.  I had a friend in sales who decided that no matter what he was going to invite 3 people to take a look at his business a day.  So he made a point of making contacts and giving out 3 business cards each day.  After 2 or 3 weeks he had begun to see small results but the habit was being formed.  He found himself out one day doing random things and forgot to give out his 3 cards.  It was late and he was bummed that he was about to lose his streak.  He wouldn't give up and he went to the gas station and waited for the next three customers.  He spoke to each one, told them what he needed gave them a card.  One turned into a great client for him.
don't blame
The Buck Stops Here
I will push you back to this post from a previous 30 Day Trial.
"It is important to remember that we are responsible for what we do and what we feel. No one can make us do anything. Even at the point of a gun you still have a decision to make. If you understand, and most importantly, apply this then you will never be a slave to your emotions again. You can choose to let something bother you or not. You can choose to go or to stay. You can choose to act in love or hate.You Can Choose."
Go Go Go

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