5 Minute Drill | Find Time…

*** Ready Set Go ***
How do you find time? I would point you to the last message that I wrote on Doing Less. That is the easiest way to find the time necessary to get things done. Next is to start doing an inventory on how you are spending your time. I have noticed how much time I waste. MY pastor recommends doing a tome audit every 15 minutes. Check and see what have you been doing. Write it down and then examine it at the end of everyday. By doing this I am sure that you will identify time sinks that eat your day.

After the audit do a time budget where you can plan out the important things you want to accomplish. Even plan out your leisure time. I know it is counter intuitive but if you know that you will be surfing the web from 1-1:30 it makes it easier to say no at other times of the day. Give it a try. It has worked wonders for me when I commit to it.

Go Go Go

*** Timer Expired ***

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