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Reflections on Fathers on Father's Day

Happy Father's Day out there to all of my brothers. Today is a day to be reminded of the call that we have, hopefully, embrace. I have been trying to find my place today. I have two beautiful and amazing daughters who show me love each and every day. I have a beautiful and amazing wife who honors me and shows me love every day. So when a holiday like Father's Day rolls around I don't expect lots of fanfare. I am actually put off but that kind of thing.

My morning started with breakfast in bed with all of us crammed into our Queen size with trays. The baby stealing pieces of food from my plate before taking from her own. My oldest chattering about her upcoming birthday. My wife and I listening and trying not to rush to get ready for church. This was a moment to listen. A time to pull back from the whirlwind and embrace the present moment. I wonder when we stopped doing that? We used to cling desperately to each moment. Now we seem to rush from one thing to the next.

I had a vision of my father today while I was at church. My father, who is very much alive, is a big part of my life. He helped me shape so much of who I am. His joy of life and easy going nature are part of who I am. The vision I had was not about the present but about the past. It was a memory of a snow storm that we had when I was smaller. I remember going outside with my Dad and trying to follow him through the deep snow. It was hard because my legs were small. He told me to walk in his tracks and it would be much easier. So I did... and it was. That simple moment has really clarified for me what being a father is all about.

Dad's clear the way for those who follow. So that we not only have a path to follow but that some of the rough spots have been ironed out. Notice that I didn't say all obstacles have been removed. Dad's are not here to take all the roadblocks away. There are some times when we need to experience the bumps and bruises along the way.

This lead me to thinking about all the other men who have been instrumental in my life. From my first pastor, Rev Timity, my Grand Father and Great Uncles, to my spiritual mentors, Pastor, Bro Phillips and Pastor Paul. Even some of my business mentors have had tremendous influence in my life. I thank God for the men he has brought into my life. Each one has left an impression in my life that I hope that I will have the privilege of sharing with others.

That is really what we are here for. To help each other grow and share in each others journeys. So as this Father's Day draws to a close I hope that every man out there knows that they are impacting the lives around them. For good or ill...

I hope that you all of you who need too have reached out to those fathers in your lives. If you haven't now is the time. If you are feeling like you do not have a father to talk to then let me share a secret with you. There is a Father who has his hand extended out to you right now. He wants to hear from you right now and He will always listen. He will never and has never left you. No matter what you have done He is ready to receive you with open arms. All you have to do is call out to Him. He will answer.

I love you all and wish you the best this Father's Day.

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