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Changing Your Thinking

So I got this in my email today. I get so many different messages a day I barely ever read them all. This one however caught my attention and I have been processing it ever since. Take a look
Dear Carlton,

"If you want to become wealthy, let go of your middle-class beliefs that say money is about ego or greed. World-class wealth gives you control of your time and the luxury of doing what you want, when you want. Middle-class earners are slaves to money and are forced to undersell their time. Rich people have options and choices. It's not about ego or greed. It's about hating the idea of spending your life as a slave subservient to the demands of others, and subsequently finding a way to exchange a product or service for the exact amount of wealth you need to buy your freedom."

-Steve Siebold
The first time I experienced Steve Siebold was through his book, 101 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class. I love this book and I recommend that you pick it up. It was a an eye opening book for me and even now, 5 or so years later, I am still digesting it. The major thrust was changing your thinking to change your actions. Change your actions to change your outcomes. When I first got this book I felt as though my life good enough. I wasn't really challenging myself. I was content.

Now there is nothing wrong with being content where you are. Learn to have joy whether at the top, bottom, or middle. There is however a fine line between being content and settling.

Being content = :)

Settling = :(

I haven't run across any reason to settle for less than your best. If your calling is higher than your reality that you need to examine your thinking.

But back to the message above. One of the most visited posts on this blog is Postive Thinking, Negative Thinking, Right Thinking. This post was all about the choices that we make. One of the most important choices that we make is what we think about during the day.

Today I want everyone to examine their thoughts. For those nerds out there track it in a spreadsheet. For the free spirits draw it out. Whatever your slant see if the thoughts that you have are consistent with where you want to go. For me I found that where I wanted to go was completely incompatible with my thinking. For those the marrieds see if you and your spouses thoughts match your goals. Heck, make sure that you are focused on the same goals. ;)

I hope that this message speaks to you.

Go Go Go

PS. I will be back to publish the links to these resources after I find a plug. Battery is dying.

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