30 Day Trial | Day 26...

Welcome To Day 26 - How Many Words do I Get For Pretty Pictures

Well they say that a picture is worth a 1000 words than this should cover today's word count. I present "Adventures in Cake Making." This illustrates an point that I was making a few days back. Enjoy what you are doing. I had no desire to make this ice cream cake but I enjoyed watching Isana enjoy herself. Yes it was messy. Yes it didn't turn out as expected. Yes it was worth every bit of the frustration to see the fun she had working it. We are planning to finish this tonight. I doubt that it will taste good but we are going to have fun eating it.


Enthusiasm is a state of mind.
It inspires actions and is the most contagious of all emotions.
Enthusiasm is a combination of mental and physical energy which is seldom found in an ailing body.
It thrives best where sound physical health abounds.
Sound health begins with the development and maintenance of health consciousness, just as economic success begins with prosperity consciousness.
To be enthusiastic - act enthusiastically!

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