30 Day Trial | Vacation Edition

Welcome to Day 27 - Let Nothing Get In Your Way

Hey Challengers. I am sending this from my mobile phone. It is a Samsung Instinct which, in my opinion, is a pretty decent phone. Anyway back to the challenge. I was thinking about skipping out on my post today when my first attempt at a post went into the bit bucket at the airport.

As I was sitting here I contemplated ending my streak and I remembered when Miki encouraged me earlier. I remembered when Dawn was going to let the sun go down on her goal then changed her mind. I thought about all the updates you have all made and I knew I needed to make this happen. So now with too little ones climbing all over and my God daughters texting me I am posting this for all of us.

That is what the challenge is all about. Getting it done no matter what. Twenty Seven days and you guys have inspired me. Run your race to win!

Go Go Go

P.S. The picture is the finished product from the Ice Cream Cake Maker photos from yesterday.

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