God's Man | Letter to God's Freshman

Dear God’s Freshman (aged 14),

High School is going to be a blast. The only thing you need to remember is to focus. There will be a lot of things coming to distract you from what is important. God, School, Family, and Friends… This should be your priority list. I know that you are starting to feel disconnected from Church. Don’t let frustrations with the organization derail what you know God is calling you too. I know it seems scary and people make it seem awfully restrictive but it isn’t. THAT IS A LIE! I wish I could explain how freeing it is to work within God’s framework. Whatever you do don’t have sex with anyone until you get married. People are going to make up rumors about you doing it well before you actually do anyway. The whole try before you buy argument IS STUPID. Seriously commit yourself to finishing what you start. You will start some great things but you need to finish them to get the full benefit. Don’t quit football. Play the first season and then decide if it is for you.

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