Thoughts on a Saturday...

This is from my notebook today. I love Saturdays in spite of the whirlwind of activity that occurs. Saturday is the princesses' dance day. Four hours of practice that eats up the middle of my day.

The benefit of running through it though is that our affords me a block of time to think and write.

I have been thinking about the ways that we engage with each other. The image I drew shows 3 concentric circles revealing the levels of influence we have. The closer in the more influence we can have. Everything here is within the church paradigm. Level 3 has the least amount of influence. This is where we have the most consistent interactions but it is usually on a superficial level. I love meeting people on Sunday morning. I know, however, that lasting change doesn't happen here. Level 2 is where things begin to change. Serving together build relationships and allows us to connect on a deeper level. Connection and correction can happen here but it can still be difficult. In the midst of work we might not reveal our true selves. Level 1 is where the fun begins. The small group allows for intimate conversations to happen. The familiarity of a consistent small group brings freedom. We can be open and honest, let the masks down. The flip side of this is that at level 1 we can do the most damage to each other. Just like in any relationship trust broken is hard to regain. How does your church handle its influence? Do you operate at Levels 1, 2, or 3? -God's Man

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