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Have you ever played checkers? I remember playing this game when I was a kid. It was fun especially that moment when you reach the other end of the board and proclaim "King Me". See the king was all powerful. Able to fly from one end of the board to the other. Not like the king in chess who could only move one tile.

So the image you see above is something that I "drew" in a a program called Paper by Fifty Three while I was sitting in staff. This is no random doodle though. I have been experimenting with visual note taking as a way of remembering things. My Pastor was sharing with us that to be excellent you had to work to master 7 different things. Two of them were captured there. These 2 were the ones that stuck out to me.

I have never been good at these 2 things. Reality has never meant much to me. I tend to see things in was that are not realistic. This is a blessing and a frustration point for myself and others. It means that I am not usually able to keep a grudge but I also can get frustrated because I build up expectations in my mind. Often they are things that can't be met by the person.

The next one is dealing with mundane things which is another's weakness of mine. If it is not fun, exciting, and/or cool I am not interested. This means that I often miss out on some of the detail work. I am a big picture person. I like to cast vision and organize my people to execute.

So as we are finishing up the move from our old church location to our shared space. I am looking at what I need to change.

Have a good rest of you day,
-Gods Man


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