Jump | In Your Marriage...

I was listening to this sermon by Denny Burk about marriage.  He makes a distinction that many other pastor's have made.  It is a statement that I have shared with the couples that I have talked with, that you marriage is not about you or your spouse.  Your marriage is about the glory of God.  Denny, coming from Ephesians 5 asks wives if they know what is at stake in their submission to their husband?  He asks husbands if they know what is at stake in their love of their wives?  He asks the couples do they know what is at stake in their marriages?  Your marriage is supposed to reflect the relationship between Christ and His Church.  It is supposed to show God's glory.

So as we continue to explore this month's theme of JUMP. Are ready to Jump into your marriage with this new focus?

Always Chasing His Glory
-God's Man

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