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My Day

My days are weird.  The project that I am working on is going Sideways right now.  That means that we are not longer progressing towards completion.  We are just moving in a straight line sideways.  This is what my day looked like on Wednesday Sept 1, 2010.

5:30 - Alarm goes off
6:15 - Wife and I get out of bed
6:45 - My Bride begins getting children out of bed
7:15 - Family leaves the house
7:25 - Drop off Princess Mini (2yr old) at her school
7:45 - Drop off Princess Mighty (7 yr old) at My Parents house for school bus
7:55 - Got Coffee!
8:25 - Drop off the Queen at the train so she can finish her commute
8:35 - Park my car and begin walk to office
9:00 - Status call with my teams in Baltimore, New Delhi, and Hydrabad
9:30 - Send status of teams to Management via email.
10:00 - Give status update to same management during a 30 minute conference call
11:00 - Finish 30 minute conference call
11:15 - Eat Breakfast
12:00 - Lunch Break (Not eating)
1:00 - Begin meeting to review requirements for project that should have finished 2 months ago
4:00 - Ended requirements review.  Scheduled follow-up meeting for Thursday
4:45 - Left office to pick up the Queen from her office
5:45 - Picked up the Princesses from My Parents house
6:00 - Got a call that a meeting that got dropped from my calender is still on.
6:30 - Started that meeting
7:00 - Taught Bible Study at Church
8:08 - Ended Bible Study
9:00 - Left church
9:15 - Ate Dinner while driving home
9:45 - Got Home
10:00 - Made lunches for the Princesses, Hung out with my Queen
11:00 - Got in bed
11:02 - Got up with Princess Mini who was having a nightmare
11:15 - Decided to fix our dryer which was broken
12:00 2 Sept 2010 - Complete dryer repair.  (Water had pooled in the exhaust tube for some reason)  o_O
12:15 - washed up again/prayed and got back in bed
1:00 - sleep

So there you have it, My day.

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