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My Best Friends

There are many people that I have called best friend.  There is my 1st cousin Aaron M, my friends Joyce F., Steve H., Jeff C., Daryl T., or Steven Mal.  For all of them the common thread is that they have been in my life for a long time and I know that I could call on them at the drop of a hat.  Another component that makes a good best friend is that while they always listen to what you have to say, they will shoot straight and tell you the truth.

Aaron M - Big Chicken
Being that we are only about a month apart in age we have literally been together forever.  Our fathers were good, if not best friends growing up.  Now as retired men they talk every day.  We have shared in each other's victories as well as failures and we have been there for each other in so many different ways.

Joyce F. - Sally's Daughter
Our relationship started in Middle school and has lasted through today.  The two of us have always been there for each other.  High school and college had us counseling each other on relationships.  We never judged each other's mistakes but we were always truthful.  No one was ever good enough for me and vice versa.  Even though we lost touch for a while she was there for my wedding and I was able to see her get married as well.

Steve H. - My Twin Brother
We met in 4 days before college and spent much of the next 4 years together.  I call him my twin because when we were in college professors used to get us mixed.  One of our most interesting professors, Mr Cheemoke, would say, "Its the Brothers!" whenever he saw us on campus together.  Steve got married about a year ago and my Queen and I got to be there to see it.  College would have been very different without him

Jeff C, - Not so Chibi-Vegita
Like Steve I met Jeff in college.  We were in the same program so most of our classes were together.  We worked as Lab Aides on campus together, partied together and would stay at his grandparents house in Ocean City.  One thing I will never forget is when the queen was down in Ocean City at a ladies retreat and Jeff drove down, picked her up and brought her home.  I had gotten really sick and was unable to watch the princesses.  He drove 4 hours total to bring her home for us.  I got to be the white hat cowboy at his wedding and look forward to when his boys take over the world.  ;)

Daryl T and Steven M 
These guys are the fathers of my god-children and we were members together at HCF in Houston, TX.  After church we would always be at someone's house eating dinner and letting the kids play.  They are amazing guys and I miss them terribly now that we are living in MD.

So there you have it.  Some of my Best Friends.

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