God's Man | Your Home is in My Heart...

The Next 2 songs are from Boyz II Men and Kelis.

For most of our dating relationship we were apart.  After a few months living in the same state my bride returned to FL to complete her MBA.  Shortly after that I left MD to move to CA to chase my dream of working in Video Games (SEGA!!!).  Having a long distance relationship was hard.  For me I was in a new city away from everything that I had ever known.  From a spiritual perspective I was running from the call that God had for me but something about her kept me from going completely sideways. 

The song from Kelis was extremely poignant for us because we would miss flights on purpose so we could spend more time together..

That connection has stayed as we have grown in our marriage.  We are there for each other in a way that I have never experienced with another person.  I have truly been given a good gift from God.  

Still So In Love...

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